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Welcome to the Mama Pathway

Should you stop supplements? Start drinking herb teas? Find a midwife or OB? Encapsulate your placenta? Give your baby Vit K? Learn how to use the Mama Pathway for your best mama journey!

Introduction to the Class

In this Intro, you’ll learn what the Mama Pathway is all about, the many ways you can walk it,  and how to make the most of this supportive content ecosystem and community experience to create your most empowered mama journey. To make the best choices you have to understand all of your options. And that also requires us to demystify birth so that you know that you can make choices and that the power to choose is yours – we’ll talk this path together. Relax and enjoy! The Mama Pathway is your community, sisterhood, birth maven training, and so much more.

Content Outline

  • Welcome to the Mama Pathway
  • Dr. Aviva’s Mama + Midwifery  Journey
  • Pregnancy & Motherhood as a Birthright 
  • The Mama Pathway Method & Roadmap
  • Let’s Get Started – What You’ll Find Inside
  • Your Mama Journey – Getting the Most from the Mama Pathway And Finding Your Why

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I’m Dr Aviva, a Yale trained MD and Board Certified Family Physician, Midwife, Herbalist, NYT Best Selling Author, Teacher, and Mama. What you’re getting is backed in science, research, and real life.

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